Prefers a shadier position out of bright light which may scorch the leaves. Look closely and you may notice how the leaves move position to adapt to the light conditions.


Loves high humidity so group Calathea with other plants to create a humid microclimate, or sit the pot in a tray of damp pebbles.


Water thoroughly so the compost is fully soaked and then allow to dry out between watering If the plant is very thirsty it will roll up its leaves.


Calathea is the ideal candidate for brightening up that dingy corner in your living room but will be unhappy if put in a drought. For a healthy plant, feed with half-strength plant food every two weeks throughout the summer season and keep in a warm spot with temperatures above 16°C.


Queen of the forest floor, this extraordinarily beautiful plant really deserves its popularity. This is not a plant for beginners, but given the right conditions, it will thrive and can be long-lived. You will also find that the gentle grace of this plant brings a sense of calm to the room. The pink-striped leaves look hand-painted while the deep plum-colored underside allows the plant to absorb low light. The key to keeping this beauty flourishing is to provide warmth, humidity and filtered light-just as though it were at home in the Amazonian rainforest.

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